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Overwhelming Worship

Overwhelming Worship

This painting was created from a personal experience.

I love worship music and I love worshipping God. It is so interesting that you can be filled but empty at the same time. After spending that time with God you are full, content, and so much more but it can be physically and emotionally exhausting as well depending on how far and deep you get into the experience. Watch below as I talk more about the meaning behind this painting.


Whenever I get a chance I put on my Christian music and worship the Lord.

This painting represents an individual experience of worshipping God. When you are away from church and its the middle of the week and you are keeping your spirit going. I like to put in my headphones, listen to the words, and worship God. It is a personal experience that I sometimes enjoy more than when I am at a worship service. It is just between me and the Lord. 

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